Starring: Brianna Cole, Kriselle Kavana and Margo Sullivan
Brianna Cole & Kriselle Kavana are going for the Highest Badge available in the Jerky Girls Of America.....the Coveted "Jerking-Off A Stranger " Badge. Very few Girls have been awarded this High Level Badge. Miss Sullivan, is the Troop Leader, and She is in charge of Supervising the young Girls, as they go after the Badge. With Miss Sullivan waiting...the two Girls go out to the street, and approach a Stranger and ask him if he'll let the Girls Jerk him Off. No Luck!!!! The Girls return.....ANGRY!! Miss Sullivan has a suggestion for the Girls..."Why don't you try taking your tops off?...remember Girls....boys are stupid...". The two Girls go back out to the street...TOPLESS!!!...and ask another Stranger...but STILL no Luck!!!. The Girls return empty-handed again! This time, Miss Sullivan suggests that the Girls try it NAKED!! Brianna & Kriselle take off their skirts...and head back out to the street....NAKED!!! The site of two 18 Year Old Girls walking down the street NAKED causes some commotion!!! Ha Ha Ha. The Naked Girl Scouts approach a Stranger, while they are Naked...and SUCCESS!!! The Girls take him by the hand, and lead him inside....where they proceed to throw him to the floor...take his pants off......shove their Feet in his face....and Jerk him Off...while Miss Sullivan documents the entire Jerk by taking Pictures!!


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