Starring: Cherry Morgan
Girls have ways of making boys talk!!! That's why the Head of the Interrogation Squad is a Pretty Girl!!! Ha Ha Ha. Like taking candy from a baby. The setting : 9:30 Am Tuesday March18 2014 Jerkyville Prison. Prison Authorities have learned that bad things are being smuggled into the Prison and hidden somewhere. The Warden knows that long time Inmate Lance Hart has "something" to do with this Prisoner Hart is handcuffed to a chair in the Interrogation Room....and Cherry Morgan, the head of the Interrogation Squad is going to "extract" the information from him. The Prisoner swears that he will not give any information to the Blond Goddess (they all start out saying that).. ...but Cherry knows that he will crack eventually. Cherry's technique today is....Prolonged Cock-Edging......Severe Cock-Teasing......... Orgasm Denial......and Verbal Intimidation. Time and time again the Prisoner is brought to the Edge of ejaculation....and time after time... .he is denied by Officer Morgan. "I just started my shift....I can do this all day.....and I'll tell you something now....if you haven't cracked by the time I take my lunch'll have permanent brain damage" Cherry tells the tormented criminal. Finally after being Edged to the point of insanity....Cherry Strokes his cock and promises relief if he'll confess....and he NEEDS to cum so bad....he starts singin' like a canary..."In the Library....they're in the Library!!!!


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